Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 Lambing

We have 2015 lambs available, this year's lamb crop is predominantly ewes (85%!). Place your reservation, lambs do go fast.

Available lambs: FBA registerable Finns, Finn-Border Leicester, Finn-Shetland, and 1/2 Finn-Commercial. We will have a 2015 CBA registerable: Cotswold ram lamb available (Aug.).

We also have a few yearlings (show stock) available.

Our commercial are a combination of breeds including but not limited to Merino, Lincoln, Romney, Border Leicester, and now Finn. The line was developed by a local hand spinner and fiber shop owner and her husband over 2 decades, with the goal being awesome spinning fiber. In the years we've had the line, we've added our farm's touch with the Border Leicester and Finn to the mix.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Email

 Hi All!

We have a new farm email!   If you are looking for fleeces or lambs please contact us there!! The old farm email will be shut off in a few weeks. Thanks!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Lambing 2014 has begun

 So here come the adventures of lambing 2014!  We used our Finn rams exclusively this year, except on the Cotswolds, which are bred to a friend's Cotswold ram. There are several combinations that I am looking forward to seeing, among them the Finn Border crosses, and the 1/2 Finn shetland crossed back to our new Finn ram. If you see a lamb you are interested in please feel free to contact us:

3/5 Finn Border Leicester Cross SINGLE, RAM lamb. Too bad he was still born, a gorgeous jet black ram lamb.
3/6 Finn Border Leicester Cross TWINS RAM, EWE. Both white, both will be available, may be shown.
3/7 Cotswold  SINGLE RAM white, will be available after show season.

Follow along on our lambing log page  or the farm facebook page daily: Walnut Springs Farm

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New developments/updates

We have started a Facebook page and will be posting updates there more regularly than here. Check it out and follow along at

We have a lovely litter of French Angora kits in wild colors that will be available later this spring. They are quite the lively little bunch!

We started lambing this morning as well. Unfortunately, it was a first time ewe who had a stillborn. Lovely jet black ram lamb with a white star on his face, who would have been truly stunning had he lived.

 Till next time, keep it sheepy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This week is Bishop Hill Fiber Guild's SPIN IN!!

SQUEEEEEE!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! This coming weekend  is the one that I wait for every year!!! Bishop Hill Fiber guild Spin In will always be an event close to my heart!! So many lovely memories have been made for me at this event. My children and I have attended many a workshop and learned many new skills at the Spin In. We've learned to use the drop spindle together, learned to dye silk, played with needle felting, locker hooking, learned to use the triangle loom,  learned to use our spinning wheels, and learned how to ply on said spinning wheels. We have had great conversations on the ride to and from the Spin In and had lovely quality time lunches. But the best thing we have all found at the Bishop Hill Fiber guild has been fabulous fiber friends who understand how my fiber filled brain works because their brains are obsessed with fiber too!  This is the event that I go to to fill my fiber being up. I usually come home exhausted and energized at the same time. Exhausted because I learn so much, energized for the exact same reason. It was a few years ago after a Spin In that I was emboldened to post our fleeces for sale on Ravelry, this site and  many new fiber friends have grown from that.

Last year, we decided to host a booth and we will be hosting a booth this again this year. We are still connecting with those fiber friends but in a different way! This way we get to share our passion, our wool farming! We will be offering raw fleeces (both sheep and llama) and several of our wools as rovings processed at Frankenmuth fiber mill.  COME SEE US! We are looking forward to seeing you there!! 

Bishop Hill Fiber Guild's yearly SPIN IN is October 19, 2013 at Embassy Suites in East Peoria!!!  The BHFG SPIN IN now in it's 33rd year has been redesigned for this year and has much more to offer in terms of making those fiber friend connections and sharing of skills!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October Lambing is here!!

Lambs are on the way! There are already 4 lovely little rams lambs in the barn!!  This is our first fall lambing and I must say the weather is certainly much more enjoyable than our spring lambings. No heat lamps to fuss with, no thinking about icy drafts.  I will post photos of  the lambs soon. While we will be keeping a couple ewe lambs back for breeding against our new Finn ram, we will have lambs available, that is the beauty of Finnsheep, always enough lambs to go around!

 As always get your reservations in early on lambs, they will sell out quickly!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Recent Surprising Fiber Events

The weaving bug has bitten hard! I never thought I would fall in love with weaving. In fact, I have always sort of avoided looms, mostly out of fear that I would break them with my ever present inherited clumsiness. However, this summer while I was looking around on Ravelry, I discovered a group dedicated to peg looms and stick weaving. Intrigued, I watched a couple Youtube videos, the process became simply something I had try for the sole reason that it looked so simple even I couldn't screw it up. Tired of hearing me talk about these looms, my family surprised me with a peg loom for my birthday. I am in love with the weaving process!!

Within the first few hours I had a used up the end of a bolt of cotton yard making a trivet for my sister's table. Upon hearing, I started another project on the loom not even an hour after finishing the first, a fiber friend and my llama mentor warned that she found weaving addicting. I can clearly see that she is right. Will I give up wet felting, crocheting, and spinning, hear me shout a resounding "no!', but peg and stick weaving definitely has earned a permanent place in my heart.

The first attempt while on the loom, with a quarter to show relative size.  A trivet that matches a bunch of coasters I crocheted to match my sister's living room. This sweet little trivet rounds out the gift and is now on her dining room table. 
Another trivet/table runner to use up another mostly used skein of cotton yarn, this time I get to keep it!  The blue is another larger weaving that is using some skeins of fuzzy boucle like yarn from my stash that have been languishing for years. I hated crocheting with that yarn with a passion but I love the woven product it is producing!