Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


     Well, it has definitely gotten cold enough for slippers, at least at our house as we haven't turned on the furnace yet, most of the folks we know have. Glutton for punishment, no, this is an effort to stay healthier this year. It seems when we keep the house cooler but not frigid we stay healthier, having had way more than our share of illnesses last year, we all agreed to practice a little extra prevention this year. So neurotic hand washing and bundling up in layers is here to stay for us until warm weather comes again. This means sweaters and slippers all around. And while we are going thru so much soap while washing our hands we might as well felt something!

      I have seen several really cute pairs of felted slippers lately. Bootie style, Mary Jane style, clog style, knitted, crocheted, store bought felt and sewn. Being up for the challenge, I have decided to attempt to felt some slippers. Being a wimp and a Mom, I am going for the smallest feet in the house. This way the process is finishable in a reasonable amount of time and I can feel free to trash it and start over again if needed without the guilt of throwing away too much fiber.

Grape Kool Aid dyed wool  after a trip thru our drum carder.

      Step one, get reacquainted with my drum carder, an old Clemes and Clemes that my sweet husband bought me last year on e-bay. It is amazing how the process of creating has seasons just like the weather. Drum carding or hand carding is just not something that appeals to me in warm weather so the drum carder has been gathering dust for a couple months. That being said, dyeing is something that I love to do in warm weather, so here I am with wool dyed great colors awaiting fall and winter projects. Yippee!

  DUM DA DUM DUM!!!  Did I mention it was a hand crank drum carder? Did I mention the pile of wool and that usually run the wool through a minimum of 3 times each batch? I now have a one arm exercise program. Step one is going to take awhile!

3 Koolaid dyes batts done! In front, Tropical Punch with some
 undyed, Orange, and Grape in back.