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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peoria Area Rabbit Breeders Association Fall 2010 Show

We were at the Peoria Area Rabbit Breeders Association show fall 2010 show a couple weeks ago. A very relaxing enjoyable day. A smaller show than it normally is, probably due to being so close to ARBA nationals and Thanksgiving.  Our French Angoras and Satins did well. Our American Fuzzy Lop senior buck Duke, got a DQ for being heavy. Poor Duke, he is just so big in terms of what is under the fleece.  Yet, he has such a perfect massive head.
The surprise win of the day for us was our French Angora BOB to Snowflake, our Chocolate Pearl brood doe. I have given her a well earned rest from kits this fall and her fleece has really come into it's own. Snowflake is talented in the nestbox, she regularly gives us huge litters, the last was 11, and tends her children very diligently.
French Angora BOS went to Noah, our broken Blue cream tort buck. Noah is just barely 7 months, but has a lot of promise both on the table and in fleece production. He will be 1 of our our long term main bucks, bringing broken genetics into our rabbitry.

In the main show and second show(satins):

BOV to Chip, our Siamese satin senior buck. Chip is one huge fellow and  given the judges comments on how much he liked Chip's massive body type could have gone further if his coat was in better condition, he was shedding the last of his summer coat however didn't look his best. However, Chip is such a great buck and enjoyable to be around.
BOSV to Babe, our new Siamese satin 6-8 doe,  New to us she has a lot of promise!!
 Joining us on our way home:  Babe and  Chocolate, another extremely promising a Siamese Satin Doe, 6-8, but just barely 6.

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