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Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 lamb count -current to 2/8/11

Well, 2011 lambing season has officially started here. I though I might keep a running total here on the site.  If you see a lamb that you are interested in please email me:

 Born 1/24/2011 in our commercial line:  1 ewe lamb. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Lincoln look) bred to a full blooded Merino. She should have lovely fleece with great crimp, and a big meaty body. Both Mama and daughter are very vigorous and active with a very strong bond already. Phenomenal Mama and a huge bodied ewe lamb.  CURRENTLY GAINING OVER 1 POUND a DAY!!
Born 1/31/2011 2pm in our commercial line:  1 stillborn ewe.

Born 1/31/2011 7:00pm in our commercial line: Twins:  1 ram 1 ewe. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Romney look) bred to a full blooded Merino. Lost Mama. Bottle-feeding. Lambs doing well.

Born 2/1/2011  between 1-5 am  in our commercial line: Twins: 2 ewes. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Romney look) bred to a full a blooded Merino. Mama has nice fleece, good mothering skills, and is calm. One lamb chilled quite a bit we brought her in and warmed her up. Other ewe hit the ground running, chilled lamb passed on.
Born 2/8/2011  7 pm  in our commercial line: 1 BIG ram. Mama is Lincoln X (Lincoln look) bred to a full blood Merino. At birth  this lamb is larger than the 10 day old ewe lamb!! This is gonna be a BIG boy with huge fleece potential.

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