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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Minerals-Loose or Block?

      To block or not to block mineral that is the question!  While both are a viable choice for a flock.We have chosen to go with loose minerals to save wear and tear on the teeth of our flock. We seem to have several sheep who are convinced when we allow free access to the mineral blocks that they need to eat the blocks like unsupervised children in a candy store. Yet those same ewes loose their intense affection for mineral if the minerals are served free choice as loose minerals. However, loose minerals have been terribly hard to find here locally, until recently.  We have been driving way out of the way to buy it for the flock.
     After spending the better part of January/February pounding on a mineral block from TSC to turn them into loose minerals and pulling a muscle in my shoulder doing it. I decided to finding a reliable source for loose mineral was simply a priority.  BUT WHERE? While I was at our local feed store, Country Feed and Supplies in Princeville, I decided to ask if they could order it. Imagine our pleasure when they said "we keep it on hand, it is right in back".  Ahh, the good things in life a local, reliable, and friendly source for loose sheep mineral!!!

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