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Friday, June 24, 2011

Shetland ram lambs 2011- For sale

Introducing George and Arthur.

They are both 2011 ram lambs. Born on April 3, 2011 to a Grey Bersugett Dam and a Musket sire.  Both have been around our Finn lambs and get along well with others as well as people. Both have very exciting fleeces for different reasons!! They will be available mid-August. Each $250 registered.
This is George. He is a registered Shetland ram lamb. George is a complete sweetheart. He is very friendly and seeks loving when it is available. About the only thing sweeter than George is his fleece pictured on the right. This fleece simply screams to be spun!

This is Arthur. Arthur is a registered 2011 Shetland ram lamb.  Arthur is friendly but feels that food should always come first before chin and chest scratches Arthur's fleece is jet black with a few white streaks on each sides, visible in the photo to the right.  In the color department what George has in variegation Arthur has in intensity. His fleece color should stay jet black for an intensely colored fiber to spin. Simply delightful fiber!!

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