Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lambing is....

Taking forever!  There is nothing like having no control over an event to make one learn patience. We seem to be getting a lesson in patience.  We have 10 beautiful healthy lambs on the ground,  yet we wait and watch for we have 7 ewes left to go and they seem to have decided that they'd prefer to wait a while. I am hoping they don't all decide to lamb en mass in one day. Last year that is precisely what 4 of them did, we wound up with 4 sets of quads, one set of triplets, and a single commercial making for one very busy lamb filled 12 hours. While this definitely speaks to our Finn ram's abilities, it was more than a bit nerve racking for the shepherds, and they ewes always seem choose a day when I am supposed to be out of town.
Perhaps they are waiting on a good low front? 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lambing log has been updated

Our 2012 lamb log is up to date as of 3/15/2012.  All but the last 2 lambs born are out enjoying the wonderful weather. We have the Finnsheep and Shetland left to lamb, so please feel free to follow along!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! May the luck of the Irish be with you all!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New lamb photos!

I have updated to 2012 lamb page with current photos and information on all lambs born to date.
Check it out!

 Happy Spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Available French Angoras

We have 4 nice french angoras available. 3 does and a VERY nice Buck.
AVAILABLE Junior is a Senior Buck, age days over a year. He has 1 leg toward his Grand Championship. I have to let him go because I haven't any does not related. As much as I love him and want to keep him he needs to be a herd sire. $75.
Annabella, is going to have ear tassels!! I love frenchies
with ear tassels!!

AVAILABLE Annabella is just one of those bunnies that screams potential. She is Junior's, the buck listed above, biological sibling but not littermate. She gets beaten by him on the show table, hence the no legs. She is mellow in personality. Sr Doe, age 9 months, $50.
 SOLD Icing was born at Thanksgiving, she is a sweet little junior doe. She has a very very nice body under her fleece and a sweet personality!!   Jr doe: age 4 months, $50.

SOLD!! This is Arrabella, she is a litter mate to Annabella.
She is being sold as a wooler with out pedigree, I don't think
she has enough guard hair for a show rabbit, That however makes her
 great for wooling. She is extraordinarly docile. $25/wooler.

Happy Spring!!!

I thought you might all enjoy this short video I took last Wednesday afternoon plus a few of this week's lamb photos. Normally we do not pasture lamb, I saw this ewe at chore time in the morning and thought I should have put her in a stall but ignored my instinct. By the time I saw what she was doing a couple hours later, it was too late to move her to the barn for lambing. Our brown and white llama, Buster, paced in the woods about 50 feet away during the whole birth like an expectant father. Before the second lamb was able to get up he had rushed over to greet them. Buster is our bonded llama meaning he is bonded to the flock, while Dot is the guard, meaning she handles any intruders. You can see how Buster loves on the babies while Dot sets up an immediate guard over the Mama and babies. We are soooo loving these llamas! Both Mama sheep and daughters are doing great!