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Friday, March 9, 2012

Available French Angoras

We have 4 nice french angoras available. 3 does and a VERY nice Buck.
AVAILABLE Junior is a Senior Buck, age days over a year. He has 1 leg toward his Grand Championship. I have to let him go because I haven't any does not related. As much as I love him and want to keep him he needs to be a herd sire. $75.
Annabella, is going to have ear tassels!! I love frenchies
with ear tassels!!

AVAILABLE Annabella is just one of those bunnies that screams potential. She is Junior's, the buck listed above, biological sibling but not littermate. She gets beaten by him on the show table, hence the no legs. She is mellow in personality. Sr Doe, age 9 months, $50.
 SOLD Icing was born at Thanksgiving, she is a sweet little junior doe. She has a very very nice body under her fleece and a sweet personality!!   Jr doe: age 4 months, $50.

SOLD!! This is Arrabella, she is a litter mate to Annabella.
She is being sold as a wooler with out pedigree, I don't think
she has enough guard hair for a show rabbit, That however makes her
 great for wooling. She is extraordinarly docile. $25/wooler.

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