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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Now that it is Fall ...

Since summer is now a memory, I thought I would share my score of the summer, a lovely Ashford traditional spinning wheel that I found on craigslist while goofing off over the 4th of July week..  Now I will never get rid of my Babe double treadle production, as I love it dearly due it the amazing portability of it but this opportunity just jumped out at me. Why a second wheel? My eldest daughter occasionly spins and my younger daughter is wanting to learn. (Hey, I can't hog the hobby, can I?)

It was a drive to pick up the Ashford, but well worth it.  This traddy is a single treadle with 4 bobbins and a lazy kate. She had sat in a living room for the last 25 years as decoration. She came home with some raw spun wool on her lazy kate, that I took off. Research I have done on the Ashford website indicates this is a 1970's model, more than likely mid 1970's. She is in great condition, all she needed was a brake band and a bit of light oil. An easy remedy, for such a sweet spinning wheel.

The little Traddy was in awesome condition, didn't even need dusting!


  1. Great find! I also have an ashford tradition wheel and looking to get something else more portable.

    1. I will always love my Babe production for portability but I must say the Traditional has a prominent place in my heart. It had sat in a lady's living room for 20 years as decoration. She had no intention of learning to spin just liked the look of it.