Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November happenings

We have ice on tanks this morning and a thick frost every where, winter is definitely on its way!! Yipee!! Time to prep for the coming winter!!

We've fixed a couple fencing issues that needed tending, packed up the portable electric poles and hot wires. We've packed away all the outdoor yard gear that needs to be put in storage during the cold months. Clean garden beds and tilled rabbitry cleanings into them that we are trying establish and build up, the rabbitry cleanings will continue to go on this bed over the winter, then will cease about 6 weeks before planting time. This is a definite advantage of using peat moss in pans, straight onto the garden with it, it really enriches the garden soil nicely.  We've planted 100 tulip bulbs along the edge of that new garden bed, thanks to Big R having a nice sale.  I can't wait to see them pop up en masse. If I find another bunch of bulbs on clearance we'll plant more in other locations, but we must be mindful of planting where the deer will be sure to devour them before we get a chance to enjoy them. The barn loafing stall is about half through the process of being deep cleaned, so it can be set up into lambing stalls. The rams are ready to come out of breeding pastures, as they are now making just twits of themselves. They are ready to go into our winter ram/whether companion pens. The lambs went to the butcher this morning, we are looking forward to a full freezer.

 I've signed up for breed specific fiber study class in 2013 for Bishop Hill Fiber guild members. (www.bishophillfiberguild) Each participant will do a short presentation on a breed that they will draw, receive a 2 ounce sample of each fiber, and learn about employing it. I was told I couldn't have any breed of sheep that we raise, wonder what I'll draw next month when we draw breeds. I am completely cool with this as it will keep me learning!

Winter fiber projects are beginning to percolate. Hats, mittens, and sock are high on the immediate list. I do so love winter!!

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