Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lambing Season 2013 is just around the corner!!

The time is drawing near for the first possible 2013 lambs to make their appearances!!  We are eagerly awaiting their arrivals!!!  We will again have lambs available, please email to be put on our waiting list.  DO NOT WAIT to let us know your 2013 lamb needs our list fills up long before lambing season even starts!!! We will again as in years past have a ongoing lambing page to share the new arrivals with you.

The upcoming lambing season is weighing heavily on my eager to get started mind, questions pop up at all hours of the day and night, proving shepherds lose sleep over lambing even before it begins!! There is this ongoing question blog always running in my head:  Do I have all the supplies stocked into the "lamb arrival kit" we keep ready to take to the barn for each lambing? Will we have massive litters from the Finns? Quads or quints would be welcome. Will that same Finn ewe who has only given us twin ram lambs every time she's lambed, give more of her long legged excellent conformation superior silky fleeced boys? Oh, I how long for a ewe lamb from her!!! How did our Shetlands do with our new Shetland ram with the awesome fleece? Will his offspring inherit his calm quiet disposition and his rare fleece color that make the fiber enthusiast heart in me go pitter pat,boom? Will our commercials, single or twin, since we tried our Cotswold ram against them? Will the commercial lamb fleeces have their sire's Cotswold ringlets and their mother's softness, as I am hoping for? AH, only time will tell!!   Thankfully there is not a long wait left!!

With little a ways to go until the earliest of due dates there are several Finnsheep that are looking quite round and full of lambs. The barn is ready, unless they all decide to lamb at once... which they have done to us before in the case of an extreme low pressure. In that case our emergency jugs are standing by and we will employ that very quick and easy system we created before that was so wonderfully efficient and easy to use.(perhaps that would be a good post for next month.)

The weather has taken a intense cold snap and we have many trips to the barn day and night planned  in the near future so perhaps a new pair of flip mittens and a hat for the upcoming chilling nights are on tap on the felting table...