Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Check In!

Howdy out there!!! We really haven't fallen off the globe time has just gotten far away from me this year!! I keep meaning to get things posted on the site but have been spending more time taking care of my elderly folks and running our teenagers places than anything else this summer.      We are sold out of spring 2013 lambs. We will be doing a Fall 2013 lambing so get your lamb orders in before the lambs are gone, they go fast!  We are using our new Finnsheep ram (black) this fall with our Finn ewes so we will have a new genetic line available in the spring 2014 lambs!!
We've added 2 registered CVM ewes lambs to our flock, Hattie Brown and Bobbie Socks. They belong to our youngest daughter. I can't wait to play with this fleece!

FLEECES: I have oodles of fresh fleeces I have yet to market, I simply haven't had the time to sit down. We sheared differently this year, all sheep were blanket shorn. This means we shear the sides from the front legs to hips then over the back and the other side. We leave the chest, belly and rump wool for removal after the best cleanest wool has been removed and saved. Belly, chest, and rump wool is usually the heaviest in vm (vegetable matter) and really who wants that?  This way we are shearing and saving only the best.
The kids showed our sheep and dairy cows this summer again and truly loved the experience. A new experience for us was taking one of our guard llamas and one of our foster llamas to the 4h fair to promote a 4H llama SP.IN. (Special Interest) club that we will be starting in the spring of 2014 for our county.
We thought Buster, one of our guard llamas who went to the 4H fair with us, would hate the noise of the 4H barnyard Olympics, instead he loved it!!! He watched the 4 H kids with close attention.  He is just a 6 foot tall child at heart if he could have played those games he would have!

Zoey one of our Southeast Llama rescue llamas went to the 4H fair with us,
 she wasn't super happy that I ran out of time to bathe her, as she dearly
 loves to get wet. Such a sweet llama, I can't wait for her to find a forever home, she deserves it!!!
     This summer we brought in a few South East Llama rescue llamas and have been working toward getting them halter broken. It has been a very enjoyable experience thus far as these foster llamas are an exceptionally intelligent group.

Meet AURORA, born this month, a cria from one of our South East Rescue llamas.... Yup, you guessed it, we'll be adopting her, she has a special type of llama fleece called silky.. and boy, oh boy, does that fleece live up to it's name.

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