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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Washing llama fiber

Since we have had a stretch of lovely weather, we've been washing fiber, mostly llama. As you may or may not know llamas love love love to roll in the dirt. If there is not a spot in your pasture were there can access the dirt they will create one, thankfully they always seem to go back to the same spot and not create more. All this rolling creates dirty fleece!! While we do blow a lot of dirt off our llamas before we shear them, but to blow all of it off would be impossible. So here is how I handle a dirty llama fleece (and sometimes sheep fleeces as well).

 I fill a large storage tub outside on the deck with well water using the garden hose, the water is typically cool. I toss in the raw llama or sheep fiber and let is soak for a while. Then I dump out the water onto the yard sometimes using it for potted plants. I frequently get busy and accidentally leave the fiber in cold water overnight. After a rinse or two the water is noticeably cleaner. At this point, I drain the water and move the fiber to my home made drying rack (aka window screen stapled over a wooden frame) which rests either over the top of my bathtub with a fan underneath to facilitate drying or on a corner of the deck. If I leave the fiber outside to dry I cover with a clean bed sheet  then clamp the sheet down so the wind doesn't blow the fiber away and let it dry. Once dry I will do a hot wash in my top load washer and repeat the drying process.  

 Buster's fleece drying on the outdoor drying rack on the deck, ready for final wash, then onto the combs or drum carder.

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