Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

2014 Lambing logs

Fall 2014 Breeding has been taking place since September. Our nice big bodied black Finnsheep ram is the ram we have decided to use on *most*of the ewes this year. The Cotswold ewes have again been bred to one the most outstanding Cotswold rams in the Midwest. We are happily looking forward to 2015 lambs!!

Fall 2013- The rams are in with the ewes now. We are using our our darling chocolate Finn ram who we have used for several years and a new black pied Finn ram(non-fading!), either way all lambs will carry color!!! We are currently taking reservations for 2014 spring lambs, please email us at more information. Descriptions of our 2014 breeding sets are available on our sheep for sale page, we do have several nice yearlings that are currently available. I have retained 2012's and 2011's lambing logs are available below, if you have a lambing time hankering.

The first of the fall 2013 lambs have arrived! 

We had 3 Finn ram lambs born on 10/1/2013. Quite a vocal and vigorous group! All are white and will be available.

The first lamb of 2012 has arrived!!

I will be attempting to post a photo of each lamb to go with their respective entry. However, there may be a delay of a few days for the photos to join the lambing log as I will need to get to fast internet to upload....

And then there were 2, just 2 ewes left to lamb. Lamb count to date: 22

Born on 4/7/2012 to outr Finsheep flock:  A single ewe lamb to Friday. This is the biggest Finn lamb I have ever seen, she has legs that are nearly as long as her mother's and has to kneel to nurse like one of our jumbo commercial lambs, unusual for a newborn Finnsheep lamb!  Friday and her sweet daughter are doing well. This little girl can be considered a spotted lamb... due to one 50 cent sized spot of  black on her side and one leg.

Born on 4/6/2012 to our Finnsheep flock: Triplets to Lady. 2 rams and 1 ewe. Sadly the little ewe was a stillborn. Both ram lambs are doing nicely along with their Mama.

Born on 3/30/2012 to our Finnsheep flock: Triplets to Patsy. 2 rams and 1 ewe. (bet:17,18,19) All 3 are white, and carry recessive brown.

Born on 3/29/2012 to our Finnsheep flock: Triplets to Nora. 2 ewes and 1 ram. (bet:14,15,16) These 3 will be bigger bodied Finns as their Mama is a bigger bodied Finn lass. All are doing very well. All 3 carry recessive brown, one ewe is spotted on the legs.

Born on 3/28/2012 to our Finnsheep flock: Triplets to Freida.  2 ram lambs and a ewe. All are thriving as is their Mama. (bet: 11,12,13)  Little Ms. 11 seems to be exceptionally bold for a ewe lamb, she is a cuddle seeker.  All 3 are white but carry recessive brown.

Born on 3/14/2012 In our Commercial Line: A pair of twins as sweet as their Mama, who is our darling Mama Bear. 1 white ram (bet 9) weighing in at 9.5 pounds, who is being called Yogi Bear. His twin sister, Boo Boo Bear (bet:10) is also white had one leg forward and one leg back and needed to be pulled, Mama Bear tried valiantly but simply required assistance. Boo Boo Bear weighed in at 12 pounds, 2.5 pounds bigger than her brother.  Both lambs and Mama are doing well, Mama Bear is an outstanding and thoroughly great Mama.

Born 3/11/2012 In our Border Leicester line: 2 sweet black ewe lambs,(bet: 7 & 8). These little girls had to be pulled as they both decided to enter the world backwards. These girls were rather big for Mama 25 pounds of lamb together created a vaginal prolapse that had to be sutured, creating a need to check her every 3 hours round the clock for 14 days, so we were there to untie her sutures. The little ewes, Patty and Cake and their mother are doing well. These girls were up and bouncing right after birth.
Born 3/11/2012 In our Cotswold line: A nice ram lamb weighing in at fairly big 14.8 pounds.(bet:6)  Both he and his Mama are doing well.  He has been named "Dagwood".

Born 3/2/2012 In our Commercial line: A nice set of twins. The little black ram (bet:4) was 12 pounds at birth and will have a open/not wooled face, he is clearly his mother's favorite. The little white fellow (bet:5) was 10 pounds will have a closed/wooled face like his mother, who wasn't sure she liked him for the first few days but has decided that she would rather nurse him than have us hold her and force her to nurse him.  These boys are 1/2 Border Leicester and 1/2 commercial cross ( RomneyX LincolnX Merino). Mama is our biggest ewe and Daddy was no Shrimp, these are going to be bigggg boys. Both carry black factor since their sire was black.

Born 2/29/2012 in our commercial line: a sweet pair of ewe lambs one with an open face Border Leicester face (12 pounds bet:2) the other with a face that will have wool (11 pounds bet:3).  Both little girls and their Mama, Stomper are doing well.  These girls are 1/2 Border Leicester (sire) with a very Lincoln type Mama who may have some merino or romney in her as well. Both ewes carry black factor. Update: These girls are filing in nicely, photo as of 3/10

Born 2/26/2012 in our commercial line:  a long
legged ram lamb weighing in at 14 pounds, bet: 1. We are calling him "Prince".  He and his Mama, Lady Di are doing well. This nice bodied fellow is 1/2 Border Leicester and 1/2 commercial mix (RomneyX LincolnX Merino). He has an open/nonwooled face and carries black factor since his sire was black. Update:Prince is filing in nicely, photo as of 3/10

We are expecting lambs to start arriving in early March 2012.  Our 2012 lambs will be: Finnsheep, Finn-Shetland,  Border Leicester, and Cotswold. We will also have our unique blend of Commercial sheep which were bred to our Black Border Leicester which should have some very exciting fleece with fabulous meaty bodies.

Email to be put on our waiting list!!! Don't wait the lambs do go fast!!!

 Meanwhile feel free to enjoy last year's lambing log below:
Our 2011 lamb log! current as of 4/4/2011

 Well, 2011 lambing season has officially started here and it should last until the beginning of April 2011. I will update as lambs are born.  If you see a lamb that you are interested in please email me:

 Born 1/24/2011 in our commercial line:  1 ewe lamb. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Lincoln look) bred to a full blooded Merino. She should have lovely fleece with great crimp, and a big meaty body. Both Mama and daughter are very vigorous and active with a very strong bond already. Phenomenal Mama and a huge bodied ewe lamb.  CURRENTLY GAINING OVER 1 POUND A DAY!! 2/19  Nice lamb, still with huge gains.
2/28/11 This is just a huge lamb I am sure she is over 40 lbs by now.

Born 1/31/2011 2pm in our commercial line:  1 stillborn ewe.

Born 1/31/2011 7:00pm in our commercial line: Twins:  1 ram 1 ewe. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Romney look) bred to a full blooded Merino. Pulled Lambs but lost Mama anyway. Bottle-feeding in house per vet instructions. Lambs doing well, both have very nice fleece and of course wonderful personalities.2/19 We have finally got these 2 going well physically enough that they took they first trip back to the barn since they left their Mama. They are sure they aren't sheep. 2/28 Their tummies are finally stable.Whew what a ride! They are having daily walks outside when the weather permits as well as several trips to the barn to rub noses with the ewes. The llama thinks they are wonderful, they think he is slightly scary.3/8 WEANING BEGAN LAST WEEK AND IS GOING WELL!! THEY ARE REALLY COMING INTO THEIR OWN, NOW IF WE COULD JUST CONVINCE THEM THEY ARE SHEEP!! 3/15 They now spend their days in the fenced back yard grazing and their evenings in a pen in the garage. Our heifer is convinced she needs to take care of them when they cry. What a hoot to see her run across the pasture to answer their little bahs! They of course find her frightening when she tries to lick them. Blizzard will be fed out and the jury is still out on what we will do with Snowstorm. 4/3  Both Blizzard and Snowstorm are doing well. They have been joined by several other weaning lambs. Both are growing large quite quickly, much much quicker than I expected given their rough entrance into this world, but they haven't forgotten how to beg for loving, which we are always ready to give.
Born 2/1/2011  between 1-5 am  in our commercial line: Twins: 2 ewes. Mama is a Lincoln X Merino X Romney (Romney look) bred to a full a blooded Merino. Mama has nice fleece, good mothering skills, and is calm. One lamb chilled quite a bit we brought her in and warmed her up. Other ewe hit the ground running, chilled lamb passed on, pneumonia set in. 2/19 THIS EWE LAMB IS NOT AVAILABLE.
Born 2/8/2011  7 pm  in our commercial line: 1 BIG ram. Mama is Lincoln X (Lincoln look) bred to a full blood Merino. At birth this lamb is larger than the 10 day old ewe lamb!! This is gonna be a BIG boy with huge fleece potential. 2/19 Doing well, great mama, calm lamb. THIS FELLOW IS SOLD HE WILL BE A MARKET LAMB, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS WEIGHT GAIN.
Born 2/13/2011 7 am in our commercial line. 2  rams. Mama is another Lincoln X bred to a full blooded Merino. We lost the smaller lamb, he was really tiny, clearly got the short end of the stick on prenatal nutrition. 2/19 The larger ram lamb is doing really well.
2/17/2011  7 am in the commercial line: YET Another BIG RAM. This Mama is a something X I just can't identify her, she is a calm good Mama who was bred to the full blooded Merino Ram. This is going to be another big boy. I am curious to see what he gains per day. 2/28 Doing well filling in nicely, growing into his super long legs and filling in nicely. THIS LAMB HAS BEEN SOLD AS A 4H MARKET LAMB. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS WEIGHT GAIN RESULTS. He is apparently providing quite a lot of entertainment to his new shepherds.

2/24/2011 2pm in the commercial line: YIPPEE a little ewe. Mama is more of a Merino look but still the same combo as above mentioned bred to the Merino ram. Doing well.
2/28/2011  In the commercial line: Yippee, a little ewe.  Mama is the same cross as above but smaller just looks different, very appealing face.  She was bred to the above mentioned Merino ram. Mama & lamb are in the jug, lamb under the heat lamp in the jug.
3/9/2011 In the commercial line: A vigorous little ewe to our darling "Mama Bear".  What "Mama Bear" lacks in height she makes up for in pounds and pounds of soft crimpy wool, character, and mothering skills. This ewe lamb will be staying here as a favor to one of our daughters, her name is Baby Bear of course!

3/16/2011  Cotswold, "Curly". Born this afternoon a vigorous little ewe lamb. Can't wait to see how she develops her sire also sired the NAILE winning Cotswold ram in 2010!! THIS EWE LAMB IS NOT FOR SALE, she will be remaining here to build our Cotswold line. She is as full of personality as she is curls!

3/26/2011 The last of the commercial ewes lambed. A nice big ram lamb.

4/3/2011 Shetland, "Bella". Born mid morning, twin ram lambs, healthy and vigorous. Scampering and jumping already! Bold color on both fellas. Now the debate begins... we were praying for twin ewes to build the line. 4/20/2011 update These boys are a hoot. They move and play non stop. They will be shown this summer and will be available in the late summer.

4/8/2011 Finnsheep, "Lady".  Twin rams lambs, vital and vibrant, both white. Both of these fellows are good. However, I must admit that one is far superior with big body with outstanding conformation, he is just too perfect to deny that he isn't. They will be available in the late summer.

4/10/2011 Border Leicester,"Nicole". Born bright and early a GIANT ram lamb, healthy and vigorous weighing 16 pounds at birth. This fellow is going to do big big things with that massive body and great conformation!!!

4/15/2011 Finnsheep, "Friday". Twin ram lambs.  White.

4/16/2011 Finnsheep, "Ivy". Quad lambs: 3 ewe, 1 ram. White

4/16/2011 Finnsheep, "Freida". Triplets, 2 ewe, 1 ram. White

4/18/2011 Finnsheep, "Nora".  Triplets. 2 ram, 1 ewe. After an eventful last month of pregnancy  in which she looked like there might be 5 or 6 in there, and the vet was sure she had lost at least one. She gave us 3 perfect healthy lambs.

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE!! One last Finnsheep left to lamb!! I must admit... I hope they aren't white!