Raising Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Romeldales, in the Heart of Illinois, as well as working with rescue llamas.

Fleece for sale

Fleece colors are noted below where applicable. Please email for photos and current quantities!! 
Finn roving

Roving: Our 2012 rovings were processed at Frankenmuth Fiber Mill, and we could not be more pleased with the product.

Finnsheep: White available $3.50/ounce plus actual shipping

Shetland: Sold out..

Commercial: White available $2.50/ounce plus actual shipping

Raw fleeces:

Merino Cross Commercial Lamb Fleece: $12 usd per pound plus actual shipping  Our commercial lambs are 50% Merino  Their other half is a lincoln romney merino cross.... or combination of the 2 of the 3 crossed to a merino ram. Lovely and soft with a delightful crimp and body.

Finn Fleece $12 usd per pound plus actual shipping White/$15 usd per pound plus actual shipping -Chocolate Finn sheep have virtually no lanolin with  unsurpassed next to skin softness and amazing loft and sparkle.  WHITE available and CHOCOLATE (Choc.sold out for 2011).

Shetland $8 usd per pound plus actual shipping Lovely intense colors with classic Shetland fineness. BERSUGETT(a lovely oatmeal with grey and black flecks throughout-truly lovely!)  available.

Border Leicester $6 usd per pound plus actual shipping. Beautiful long fiber, fairly low lanolin, long staple, with a outstanding crimp. WHITE available.

Cotswold $6 usd per pound plus actual shipping.  Lovely long spiral locks with a sheen that is Cotswold and Cotswold alone. Fairly low lanolin, very long staple. WHITE available.

Commercial $5 usd per pound plus actual shipping.  Our commercial lines are a Full Merino X a Lincoln X Romney cross.  The fleeces have a nice long staple with a great softness and crimp. WHITE available.

Contact me at for further information or to reserve a fleece.

A note about home processing fleeces:
I routinely process my fleeces myself, it is not rocket science or overly messy, if  I can do it, you can do it! I should start by saying I have a top load washer, not sure if one could wash fleece in a front load or not, as I have never used one for that purpose. I select the amount of fleece I want to process pick the big glaring chunks of junk out then run a washing machine full of the hottest water plus about 1/4 of a cup of Dawn or Ivory dish soap. (I prefer Ivory but I have even used generic.)  I let it all soak for 20 minutes, then using the machine's spin cycle spin out the water, NO agitation can take place unless you want felt!! If the fleece is still dirty and it usually is, I repeat until I feel it is clean. Then I place a screen over our bathtub or outside and allow the fiber to air dry on the screen. I usually tease out any large clumps to facilitate drying. Run it thru the picker that I borrow from the guild and then I use my set of Valkyrie combs.